A philosophy centered on the feminine modern

Lisa Yang want’s to modernize cashmere. 

Living between Beijing and Stockholm Lisa had a vision for how women could be comfortable yet incredibly chic at the same time. Using her instincts to realize this vision she created a brand where women could turn to for inspiration and pieces made for a new way of living beautifully and comfortable in one.

Lisa continued to focus on realising her vision, now more appealing then ever for women around the world who want to be both feminine and chic yet thrive after comfort and quality more than ever. 

She designs each piece with the contemporary woman in mind, straight forward and with ease, the collections bring modern palettes, quality and the perfect fit. For each collection great attention is dedicated to detail to each garment.

The Stockholm based brand founded in 2014 builds on the fundamentals of outstanding quality and uncomplicated styles, creating feminine wardrobe staples for the modern woman.